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Give your customers the complete experience of connected devices with our easy-to-use IoT SIM, or simply charge the in-car entertainment subscriptions with our platform.  

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Software Defined Vehicles

Transform traditional driving with automotive IoT, where SIM cards enable software-defined vehicles to adapt and upgrade functionalities over-the-air, much like updating a smartphone, enhancing both performance and user experience.

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EV Chargers

IoT SIM cards streamline the operation of EV chargers, providing real-time data and connectivity solutions that help manage charging stations remotely, making electric vehicle infrastructure smarter and more efficient.​

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Dash Cameras

Get the real-time video streaming and data access with dash cameras powered by IoT. Our IoT SIMs will support the improvement of safety and security by providing instant alerts and remote monitoring capabilities.

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With SIM card car integration, Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) models flourish, offering subscription-based access to vehicles with IoT capabilities for a more flexible and customized driving experience.​

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In-Car Entertainment

Elevate the journey with IoT automotive industry advancements. Utilize data-only SIM cards solutions to enhance user experience through real-time updates and interactive features. Elevate the journey with IoT automotive industry advancements. ​

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Smart Car Alarms

Enhance security with smart car alarms connected via IoT SIM cards, allowing real-time alerts and remote monitoring directly through your smartphone, safeguarding your vehicle against theft and unauthorized use.

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Automotive Aftermarket

IoT SIM for the automotive aftermarket enables seamless connectivity for real-time diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Get optimal performance and extend vehicle lifespan by facilitating continuous data exchange and remote monitoring.

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Car Tracking Devices

Utilize SIM cards for vehicle trackers to monitor vehicle locations and status, ensuring fleet management efficiency and enhanced security features, critical for personal and commercial vehicles.​

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Smart Vehicle Security

Enhance Smart Car Security with IoT connectivity, ensuring real-time threat detection and response. Our solutions provide remote monitoring and control, offering advanced protection against theft and unauthorized access.

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Earn more from In-Car Entertainment with IoT Subscription Payments

In-car streaming of movies and music uses increasing amounts of data. Selling your cars with data included creates additional costs.

But what if we told you that this cost could become additional revenue? How? Watch the video to see our IoT Subscriptions platform.

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IoT SIMs for the automotive industry

The integration of IoT SIMs in the automotive industry has revolutionized how vehicles communicate, operate, and serve both manufacturers and users. Automakers are increasingly looking to leverage data analytics and edge computing to deliver smarter, safer, and more responsive vehicles.

Discover scalable solutions that drive innovation in car technology. 

Monetizing Automotive IoT


In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, IoT monetization strategies are increasingly centered around the integration of advanced SIM card technologies.

By implementing data only SIM cards for cars, manufacturers can unlock new revenue streams through enhanced connectivity services.


Data Only SIM Cards for Enhanced Connectivity in Cars


Sepcifically designed to handle large amounts of data transmision, data only SIM cards are ideal for modern vehicles that rely on connectivity to power applications.

By utilizing data only SIMs, automotive manufacturers can equip cars with the ability to perform software updates, monitor vehicle health in real time, and offer enhanced user experiences through connected apps

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A guide about all what matters in IoT connectivity. From SIM Cards all the way to the different radio access standards.

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IoT SIMs in Automotive Industry

Explore how data-only SIM cards enhance automotive applications, from car trackers to in-car entertainment, ensuring seamless connectivity and advanced features for the automotive IoT sector. IoT SIMs are essential for powering a wide array of automotive applications, including enhanced functionality in aftermarket services.

Freeeways IoT SIM technology not only optimizes user experiences but also streamlines operations with subscription payment solutions, making it easier for providers to manage their services.

By integrating Freeway’s IoT SIMs and subscription payment options, businesses can provide a more dynamic, responsive, and enjoyable driving experience. Embrace the future of automotive innovation with Freeeway—where connectivity meets simplicity and sophistication.

IoT SIM car for all Automotive use cases​

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, the integration of IoT technology is becoming increasingly essential. Specialized IoT SIM Cards for cars can be applied to a variety of innovative use cases that enhance vehicle functionality and user experience.

Freeeway can help manufacturers meet their technological needs, providing tailored IoT SIM card solutions that enhance vehicle connectivity across the automotive industry. 

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