IoT in the Construction Industry: Shaping the Future of Building

How might relying on machine monitoring and predictive maintenance transform the role of human oversight in construction projects, potentially reducing the need for skilled workers?

The growth of the construction industry directly represents development and prosperity. However, the construction industry often faces common challenges such as mismanagement, loss, and inefficiency. The introduction of IoT in the construction industry can help overcome these conventional limitations. Let’s see how.

IoT-Enabled Safety and Risk Management in Construction Sites

The construction industry is among the few high-risk industries where worker safety measures are essential. According to OSHA, in 2020, total construction worker fatalities reached 1,102 in the US alone. However, IoT can help improve worker safety in the following ways:

  • Wearable gear for construction workers
    A wearable construction kit equipped with IoT sensors can track movement, location, and health vitals. These kits often include an SOS button to send emergency alerts for help on construction projects.
  • IoT fall detection sensors
    IoT sensors can also detect sudden accelerations or falls to ensure quick help to workers if needed for construction or mining industry. Such IOT devices can provide quick mitigation in case of any accidental occurrences.
  • Detection of hazardous gas in a mining site
    Mining can often expose workers to hazardous gases unexpectedly. In such cases, IoT gas sensors can read real-time data and alert the construction team to take an alternate course of action.
  • Imposing access control & worker protocol
    It is important to restrict workers’ access to dangerous sites. Alternatively, IoT can help ensure that workers follow safety protocols by wearing their mandatory safety gear.

IoT and Predictive Maintenance in Construction Equipment

Construction equipment and machinery are costly, and their failure can lead to further complications. IoT devices can detect their power consumption, noise, and vibrations to detect if a machine is in need of maintenance. Predictive maintenance has already proven to be one of the most crucial IoT solutions for Industry 4.0.

Machine monitoring and predictive maintenance can ensure that construction projects continue without any hiccups or roadblocks.

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IoT-Enabled Asset Tracking and Inventory Management in Construction

Often, assets on large construction sites are not fully optimized due to misplacement or loss. One can overcome this challenge with the help of an asset-tracking solution that can pinpoint the exact location of equipment

Such a solution can also track manpower, their working hours, and their real-time location. This way, construction managers and administrators can keep track of inventory and manpower. A construction company can productively analyze any need to acquire or lease new resources with such inventory management.

Enhancing Building Performance with IoT Sensors and Controls

IoT technology can help create the next generation of smart buildings that can operate intelligently with ease, comfort, automation, and connectivity. These buildings would feature self-operating doors, smart energy meters, automatic lighting solutions, fire detection and prevention measures, efficient elevator management and much more.

Additionally, IoT sensors can also help with structural health monitoring for buildings, roads, bridges, or any other projects in the construction industry. Structural health monitoring can be a lifesaver and provide longevity with needed maintenance.

About IoT in Construction

The Internet of Things (IoT) can connect different objects and operations of a construction site to the internet. Integrating IoT solutions in the construction industry offers several major benefits for both construction businesses and workers:

  • Improved worker safety
  • Asset tracking & resource utilization
  • Machine monitoring & predictive maintenance
  • Structural integrity monitoring
  • Traceable & insightful construction process

In summary, IoT is transforming the construction industry, improving safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Interested in integrating IoT solutions for your projects? Fill out the contact form below to explore how IoT can enhance your construction operations.

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