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We offer IoT connectivity in over 190 countries

Co-operations with renowned international network partners allow us to continuously expand Freeeway’s IoT coverage and ensure global connectivity. Our state-of-the-art IoT technologies are developed in-house and constantly improving to fit increasingly dynamic business requirements. With Freeeway’s advanced IoT technology organisations gain access to hundreds of networks worldwide.

IoT SIM Card Management has never been easier, thanks to our highly specialized tools. Our professional solutions can help your business to utilise the full potential of IoT connectivity.

KPN is a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. simHERO offers access to 461 networks and provides services for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and LTE CatM1.
A1 Telekom Austria is the leading communication provider in Austria based in Vienna, Austria. Through the provider network, simHERO connects to 406 networks for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and NB-IoT.
Magenta is an Austrian-based telecommunications provider and a fully subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG (Germany). The partnership enables Freeeway to offer 524 networks for 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE-M, LTE CatM1, NB IoT
Vodafone is a global leader in technology communications based in Newbury, UK. As an official Vodafone partner, Freeeway offers access to 680 networks for 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, LTE CatM1 and NB-IoT.
Arquia Datora is our first network partner in South America, based in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Through this partnership, freeeway is able to offer 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE in Brazil through TIM and VIVO networks.
Telna provides Freeeway with a managed global network infrastructure for cellular connectivity. Its multi-network platform enables simplified billing and localization, utilizing 6+ telco pops globally.
TELUS is a dynamic, world-leading communications and information technology company with 15.2 million customer connections spanning wireless, data, IP, voice, television, entertainment, video and security, healthcare, and agriculture.
floLIVE offers advanced 5G network solutions, both privately and over the cloud, and a full suite of global cellular connectivity services for IoT use cases. floLIVE operates floNET – a one-of-a-kind Global Connectivity Service designed and built especially for IoT. With floNET, enterprises can enjoy seamless global connectivity for their connected devices.

Stay tuned for more Operator Partnerships

At freeeway we believe that a broad portfolio of connectivity partners allows us to offer tailored solutions to any IoT and M2M use case. We are constantly in discussion with mobile operators to enlarge our portfolio with new radio technologies like LTE-M / LTE-CatM1 / NB-IoT and 5G in all geographies.

Frequently asked Questions

so we thought we could you give you the answers in advance. No easier way to find your answers related to our M2M and IoT SIM cards than by looking here.

Freeeway IoT SIM cards & settings

Yes, you need to setup a new APN to connect our M2M SIM cards to the mobile network.
Our APN settings are:
APN: freeeway Username: (empty) Password: (empty)
To make our IoT sim cards work properly you should turn on the data roaming functionality. This will not be required on all kinds of devices. But to be sure, please check your device manual or your AT-commands.

We can provide you with all possible form factors as well as solutions to any usage specifics

  • Classic/Business-grade M2M SIM cards
  • Industrial grade M2M SIM cards
  • Automotive & Aviation grade M2M SIM cards


Form factors such as

  • 2ff, 3ff, 4ff, MFF2 – assembly SMT SIM chips
  • Temperature ranges from -25°C up to +105°C
  • Up to 15 and more years-lifecycle
  • Up to 10 Mio read/write cycles at max. temperature

Global M2M SIM connectivity

We currently enable access to 2G/3G/4G-LTE/5G technology based on 3GPP standards with our globally working M2M SIM cards. This always depends on local coverage and availability. New technologies like NB-IoT (narrow band), or LTE-catM1 are under consideration to be supported in the future due to local conditions. We enable CSD – Circuit Switched Data as well.
We currently enable access to 2G/3G/4G/ 5G-LTE technology based on 3GPP standards with our globally working M2M SIM cards. This always depends on local coverage and availability. New technologies like 5G, NB-IoT (narrow band), or LTE-catM1 are under consideration to be supported in the future due to local conditions. We enable CSD – Circuit Switched Data as well.
As an independent MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), we offer access to hundreds of networks in nearly every country around the world. If you want to have our roaming partner list, please request our support or website chat for further information.

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