IoT SIM for
Entertainment &

Media Industry

M2M SIM cards for entertainment industry & media companies

Entertainment technology solutions enhance media companies’ capacity to deliver content to connected objects and to collect, transmit and monetize data in the IoT value chain. 
Freeeway supports your business and makes sure your connection never fails. Your company thanks to seamless connectivity and worldwide network partnerships – will continue to provide high-class service to your viewers.

Freeeway allows us to have a variety of operators with multi-SIM IoT streaming devices. Additionally, CMP (Connectivity Management Platform) helps to facilitate the management of SIM cards and other services with seamless connectivity everywhere around the globe for our video-streamed events.


Leveraging IoT connectivity in entertainment & media

“The entertainment and media industry already leverages technology to connect with audiences through digital content. The concept of IoT can complement the media industry by improving content delivery. Here are several aspects where IoT contributes(…)”

IoT in Live Sports Broadcasting: Enhancing the Fan Experience and Analyzing Player Performance

“Technological advancements such as drones, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud-based video delivery networks have transformed the entire outlook on Live Sports Broadcasting. Sports fans expect detailed information, seamless viewing experiences, and instant information about their favorite sports or teams – when they don’t get it from one channel, they will quickly find another (…)”

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Benefits of IoT Connectivity in

entertainment & media businesses

  • The IoT allows businesses to understand their customer’s emerging trends.
  • Seamless connectivity, which never fails and always connects to the strongest network.
  • Video-streaming services requiring multinetwork global connectivity choose Freeeway as their connectivity provider due to the global offer and no network steering.
  • Access to over 680 networks of worldwide network operators.
  • Freeeway as a single contact point and support for your business.
  • The gaming experiences will become more interactive with IoT sensors, which invariably make the gaming equipment smarter.
  • Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) to manage all SIM cards in one place. 
  • Grouping of SIMs from different operators, assigning them to your device.
  • One-time easy setup, perfect for the global usage of your equipment – e.g., your camera operators does not need to worry about technical details of connectivity.
  • Ready to stream a high amount of data from any place in the world.
  • No lagging & no delays – when thousands of people are watching.

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