IoT SIM for
Railway Companies

Global M2M SIM solution for Railway Industry

In railway networks, IoT technology draws data from both enterprise systems (resource planning, decision support, and customer resource management) and operating systems like: monitoring and controlling field devices, manufacturing processes, and production. 

Benefits of using IoT Connectivity

in Railway industry:

  • Increased transportation safety & reliability
  • Fewer delays and less downtime
  • Optimised train schedules
  • More personalised travel experiences
  • Better suited & preferred equipment
  • Improved Passenger Experience

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Rail Track Maintenance Optimization
  • Passenger Information Systems

  • Enhanced Safety


Need for a global M2M SIM

solution for railways

Railways are still among the best choices for public transport, and they will be around for many more decades to come. They are coming back as the most popular choice for people wanting to decrease their carbon footprint and allow them to relax while taking the trip. Introducing M2M SIM with global access presents new opportunities to transform the travel experience through railways (…)

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