IoT SIM for

Security Industry

M2M SIM for security, surveillance &

monitoring systems

Your alarm and security systems need the best quality when it comes to mobile connectivity. Therefore, our Freeeway IoT SIM cards are the perfect solution for your alarm or surveillance systems and everything where security plays a significant role. The high-quality network coverage and the access to several networks will exactly fit the needs of these kinds of connected devices.

Using M2M SIM for security, surveillance & monitoring

IoT connectivity with a global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIM can take security to the next level. Leveraging the right set of sensors with M2M SIM can identify intrusion accurately using sophisticated algorithms. With IoT, such a security solution can alert through a siren and stream the live footage of the intruder (…)

How to overcome security issues in IoT?

With the rapid growth of smart devices and their connectivity to the internet, the importance of their security can’t be emphasized enough. Our personal information and privacy are at risk as we integrate more and more devices into our lives, and that’s why we need to take IoT security seriously (…)

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