IoT SIM for
smart cities &

utility providers

Global M2M SIM solution for smart cities & utility providers

Smart cities, utility management, and motorway companies have a high demand for mobile IoT connectivity. Freeeway offers a whole package of products and services to cover all needs. Starting with professional mobile coverage and access to several networks in nearly every country worldwide, through service and a billing platform for this kind of connectivity.


8 IoT solutions in smart cities

The idea of using IoT to create smarter, more connected cities is capturing the imagination of city administrators everywhere. But bringing this vision to life takes more than just cool tech. It requires a reliable and efficient network infrastructure to support the wide-scale implementation of IoT-based smart city applications (…)

Smart IoT solutions in Utilities

More EV (Electric Vehicles), green energy, and sustainable solutions will pull an initial strain, and IoT for Utilities industry can help cope with that. For example, private companies can provide utility services, including telecommunications, electrical utilities, natural gas, and certain transportation services.

But which IoT solutions are influencing the Utility Industry? 

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