IoT SIM for

Telematics Industry

M2M SIM connectivity solution
for GPS, telematics &

tracking devices

You want to track and trace a vehicle, fleet, pet, or person? Our Freeeway IoT SIM perfectly fits every GPS tracking solution and works worldwide. With access to more than 680 networks globally, our IoT SIM provides you with the quality that is needed to keep your device connected no matter if you track persons, pets, vehicles, or containers.

Big Data Challenge

The demand for knowledge, the ability to collect, secure, and manage business-relevant data and connect them into meaningful information (Big Data) is much higher than ever before.

The huge development of M2M and IoT solutions also reached the tracking and telematics industry and is more important than it probably seems.

Cost reduction, closer relationships with customers, and the power to increase the efficiency of business processes and models are only a few facts that reinforce the importance of the growing M2M/IoT sector. The main aspect of this whole change is stable, reliable, and globally available sim connectivity.

IoT Use Cases in Telematics

  • IoT Vehicle Tracking
  • IoT-supported Driver Behavior Monitoring
  • Smart Fuel Management
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Usage-Based Insurance
  • Smart fleet management
  • Telematics
  • Smart Asset Tracking
  • IoT-supported Driver Safety and Emergency Assistance
  • Smart Eco-Driving and Emissions Monitoring
  • IoT Insurance Claims Management
  • SIM Management
  • GPS tracking for things such as container or other moving goods

IoT Connectivity Solution

We at Freeeway have been working close to the tracking & telematics industry for years. From our experience, professional connectivity is business-critical and becomes a priority when it comes to a successful business. We provide our customers with critical support, based on our multi-network M2M SIM cards, our deep know-how, and many years of experience in the field of connecting security devices globally.

With Freeeway on your side, you can drive huge economic gains and open up new business models for you and your customers.


Tracking & Telematics applications of M2M solutions

While GPS tracking is a popular application that almost everyone uses daily, many more sophisticated telematics and tracking devices are deployed. Telematics aims to focus on capturing insightful information related to tracked vehicles. Such information capturing can lead to better decision-making and result-oriented advancements (…)

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