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Insecure network communications, lack of encryption, vulnerable firmware, denial-of-service attacks – nothing you want to experience in your IoT deployments.

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Ways to secure your
IoT deployments


Encrypt the traffic that is sent between the device and application.

Restrict domains

The device can only access permitted domains.

Use leased lines

High secure environments and public cloud connections, leased lines bypass the internet as such.

Secure the device

Use security policies in your devices to restrict the apps that can be installed or accessed.

Bind SIM and device

Implement a lock that the SIM card can only be used in a permitted device.

Our network security solutions


Encrypted VPN tunnels to secure your data while being transferred.

Open VPN

Access your devices from a remote location to submit commands, etc.

Console Connect

Private lLeased line MPLS network. Your user data will not even smell the public internet.

Our device security solutions

Mobile Device Management

Our Mobile Device Management solution enables the administrator to remotely secure, track, control and manage the devices in the field. Our solution works with Android powered mobile and IoT devices.

Afraid if your IoT SIM cards get stolen?

Dismantling IoT SIM cards and use of those in other devices is a root cause for high data costs. We prevent this potential threat through locking the IoT SIM card with the device by implementing an IMEI lock.

All part of a single suite

We combine IoT connectivity and subscription management in a single platform. Get all the tools to manage your IoT SIMs , enhance customer engagement, drive recurring revenues, and scale your business.

If you want to read more about IoT Security

A quick overview on how to implement IoT Security in your IP network.



If you want your devices to access only your Applications, you should use a VPN connection from the network to your datacenter. Depending on how the VPN tunnel is configured, advanced encryption methods can be utilized to protect your user data.

MPLS networks are private data networks where data are exchanged between multiple devices. The advantage is that in an MPLS network, the use of point-to-point connections lead to the fact that your user data are never sent via the public internet.

In addition, many public and private data-center are connected to MPLS networks. Hence, if you host your application in a public cloud, you can use MPLS t securely connect your devices with your applications. Usually MPLS connections with public cloud environments to AWS, Google, Azure, etc are more stable and robust than setting up a VPN connection. In such a setup, we recommend using MPLS connections.

Freeeeway partners with Console Connect

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identification and is a unique identifier of every device using a wireless module.

For every single SIM Card, we configure whether IMEI lock is active or not. We provide two ways to bind the SIM with the device IMEI.

When the device is active the first time, the signaled IMEI is stored and locked
During the staging process you can provide the information of IMEI-ICCID relationships that is loaded to our platform.

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Different Levels of Security

When talking about security, we usually distinguish between two areas: network security and securing the IoT device itself.

Network Security
is concerned about protecting the user data that are exchanged between the device and the application running in the back-end. Here we take measures that are commonly used in IP networks such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Open VPN and Leased Lines.

Device Security
is focused to secure the device as such, by restricting the applications that can be installed. Common solutions are Mobile Device Management (MDM) applications that enable the implementation of security policies to the device. A common use case is that when you develop your own Apps and you are using Android powered devices, you can restrict the device that only your validated and approved applications can be installed.

VPN Connection

Connecting from Freeeway Data Center to your Application.

Enabling a secure connection between the IoT device and your data center is usually done by utilizing a VPN, short for Virtual Private Network. The VPN requires compatible Firewalls on both end-points.

We operate a Fortigate firewall cluster for redundancy.
To be able to pass the entire user traffic to a VPN, we assign a dedicated IPv4 subnet range to your SIM cards. This subnet is configured to use the VPN connection between your data center and Mobile Network. The range of the subnet is aligned with the amount of SIM cards you are going to use.

The VPN tunnel may be setup with IPSec (Internet Security Protocol) in order to establish an encrypted communication on IP layer between the two Firewalls.

Open VPN Connection

Open VPN is an open-source virtual private network (VPN) technology that provides secure and encrypted communication over the internet. To enable an Open VPN, Freeeway handles the sign-up process with OpenVPN and you can download the Open VPN Client with the correct configuration pre-loaded in order to be installed at your premises.

An Open VPN connection is usually established by your application in order to retrieve device data. Soon the point-to-point connection is setup, the communication can be two-way.

The Open VPN Server is a cloud based service, whereas the Open VPN is installed at your application server.

MPLS Connection – Leased Lines

Bypass the internet with a private, secure leased line connection.

Freeeway offers a software defined interconnection service (SDI) to connect your IoT devices with the back-end application hosted in any data center around the world.

We use Console Connect is a product from PCCW Global, a leading telecommunications provider.

Console Connect network is a private MPLS based network connecting hyper-scalers, data centres and private business applications around the world. As an increasing amount of IoT applications is made available as cloud based services on public cloud environments, securing those connections from the remote IoT device is becoming an increasing challenge.

The user plane traffic is exchanged between the device and application via a dedicated port used by Freeeway within Console Connect’s SDI network. This port can be connected to any other port used by our clients to establish a secure, private data connection. The control-plane remains protected behind the firewalls.

Using Console Connect, we can offer secure connections from the device to your applications hosted in AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, IBM Cloud and many more.

IMEI Locking

Improved security through locking the SIM card with the device.

In particular with IoT use cases, the devices may operate on remote locations outside of the control of the End-User. It often cannot be controlled whether the SIM card is removed from the device and used in another one, generating often fraudulent, high data usage.

To prevent such situations, the IMEI locking provides means that the SIM card is only operational in the device it is supposed to work. In case the SIM card is moved to another device, it will not be able to setup a data session.

Usually IMEI locks are implemented in the Mobile Network infrastructure, with the disadvantage that as soon as the lock gets in force, the End-User cannot release it anymore. Hence, in such cases, once locked, the SIM card is often locked forever.

Freeeway’s implementation of IMEI locking addresses this disadvantage by enabling an IMEI check during the setup of any data session in our own network infrastructure. Hence, when a locked SIM is moved back to the device where it should be operational, it seamlessly starts to connect again.

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