IoT SIM cards

Easy multi-network
connectivity for your
IoT products & services


Solutions for all connectivity needs

If you want to connect locally / globally,
with low / high data requirements and
different radio technologies from 3G, 4G, 5G / LTE-M / NB-IoT,

We get you covered, no matter where

Secure, multi-network IoT Connectivity that works across the globe. Our solution is compliant in markets with permanent roaming restrictions.

All radio technologies supported: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, LTE CAT 1 bis, and NB-IoT.


Our promise: No minimum order

If you are a Start-Up, a Scale-Up, a SME or an Enterprise, we support you from the very first connection and we grow together.


Everything you need

Custom price plans

Get a data and/or SMS plan that aligns to your business needs.

Start local, go global

Our connectivity follows your geographic business expansion.

Best IoT support

Whether you have 1 IoT SIM or operate a large fleet, we handle your requests with priority.


Combine multiple mobile network operator under a single contract with Freeeway.

Branded IoT SIM cards

Choose between standard white or branded IoT SIM cards.

Secure IoT connections

Solutions for network and device security.

Tailored IoT SIMs

Radio technologies

  • We provide all Radio Types
  • 2G / 3G / 4G (LTE)
  • 5G in selected markets
  • Narrow Band: NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE CAT 1 bis

All IoT SIM form factors

  • 2FF / 3FF / 4FF
  • All-in-one
  • SIM Chips MFF2 (eSIM)
  • Business or industrial grade

Global coverage

  • 190 countries
  • 680 networks
  • 12+ SIM profiles

The best coverage for stationary and mobile use cases.

Price plans

Different price plan options available


Define one data plan, with a certain data volume where multiple assigned IoT SIMs can share the consumption.


A price plan where you pay for each connection, the respective mobile data, SMS, and voice usage.

Bundled data plans

Defines a pre-defined amount of mobile data that can be consumed per individual IoT SIM card on a monthly basis. 


You pay only what each individual IoT SIM card consumes on a monthly basis. We offer run-on-rates for data, SMS and voice services. 

All part of a single suite

We combine IoT connectivity and subscription management in a single platform. Get all the tools to manage your IoT SIMs , enhance customer engagement, drive recurring revenues, and scale your business.

I want test IoT SIMs


Free IoT whitepaper about M2M & IoT SIM cards

A guide about all what matters in IoT connectivity. From SIM cards all the way to the different radio access standards.


Oversee all IoT connectivity details

Gain instant access to critical insights on the whereabouts and time logs of your IoT connections, alongside exact data use figures. Streamline your processes with automation for SIM statuses, pricing strategy shifts, and other functionalities.


Transform your smart device into a revenue generator

Shift from singular sales to recurring income through subscription models. We’ve crafted this platform specifically for you! Create unique subscription packages, add streamlined payment options, and automate invoicing – all in one platform. 


Our IoT Blog


Yes, you need to setup a new APN to connect our M2M SIM cards to the mobile network.

Our APN settings are:
Available APN:, agora.iot
User settings: Username: (empty) Password: (empty)

To make our IoT sim cards work properly you should turn on the data roaming functionality. This will not be required on all kinds of devices. But to be sure, please check your device manual or your AT-commands.

We can provide you with all possible form factors as well as solutions to any usage specifics:

  • Classic/Business-grade M2M SIM cards
  • Industrial grade M2M SIM cards
  • Automotive & Aviation grade M2M SIM cards

Form factors such as

  • 2ff, 3ff, 4ff, MFF2 – assembly SMT SIM chips
  • Temperature ranges from -25°C up to +105°C
  • Up to 15 and more years-lifecycle
  • Up to 10 Mio read/write cycles at max. temperature

We offer both post- and prepaid price plans. In addition with the IoT Monetization Hub we enable you to create your own IoT subscription plans. For more details refer to the monetization hub page.

We currently enable access to 2G/3G/4G-LTE/5G technology based on 3GPP standards with our globally working M2M SIM cards. This always depends on local coverage and availability. New technologies like NB-IoT (narrow band), or LTE-M and LTE Cat 1 bis, awe support in selected markets where our partners have roaming agreements. We enable CSD – Circuit Switched Data as well.

As an independent MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), we offer access to hundreds of networks in nearly every country around the world. If you want to have our roaming partner list, please contact our support.

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IoT SIMs with global coverage

We offer multi-network coverage across the globe, with tailored price plans for regional coverage in EU, NAM, LAM, ASIA and Africa.

Our IoT SIM Cards are permanent roaming enabled in:

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • China

  • United States of America

  • Australia within the Telstra network

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Everything you need to know about IoT Connectivity

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