Connectivity Management

A better way to manage and

control your IoT SIM cards


your IoT connectivity

Have you ever experienced the pain of managing a growing fleet of IoT SIM cards?

Connectivity Management Platforms are designed to reduce your operational workloads while scaling the number of connected IoT devices.


What is in for you?

Faster deployment

Automate SIM provisioning and deployments. Stay informed about device activations in the field.

Gained control

Monitor your entire IoT SIM portfolio and automate the lifecycle management of each individual connection.

Best support

Thoroughly diagnose each connection to enhance customer support.

Connectivity Management features

Multi operator

Connectivity & IoT SIMs from various mobile operators in one platform.

Price plans

Assign one of your agreed price plans to every IoT SIM card.

Gain insights

Dashboards and detailed information per IoT SIM card.

Get in control

Create automation rules and usage thresholds alerts.

SIM lifecycle

Activate, suspend, or retire individual IoT SIM cards.

One invoice

Receive just one invoice, regardless how many mobile operators you use.

All connectivity insights in one dashboard

Detailed usage reports on data consumptions, locations, and regions down to M2M SIM card level. Gain a quick insight into who of your customers or SIM cards generates most traffic. 


Manage and configure all IoT SIMs

Give better support to your customers!

Oversee all IoT SIM card settings on IP level and APNs. Analyze control plane messages from the mobile network, understand data sessions, data consumptions, and location updates.


All part of a single suite

We combine IoT connectivity and subscription management in a single platform. Get all the tools to manage your IoT SIMs , enhance customer engagement, drive recurring revenues, and scale your business.

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Our IoT Blog

Everything you need to know about IoT Connectivity

A guide about all what matters in IoT connectivity. From SIM Cards all the way to the different radio access standards.


Enhance your smart device connectivity with global networks

Link your smart devices effortlessly across 680 international mobile networks. Leverage any mobile radio technology, from 2G through 5G, including LTE-M, LTE CAT 1 bis, and NB-IoT, to enhance your IoT projects with the most suitable connectivity.



IoT is about managing a larger fleet of connected devices, from a few to thousands, depending on the use case and business you are in. Hence, it is hard to gain an overview of each device’s specific connectivity status.

A CMP (= Connectivity Management Platform) is a purpose built application enabling you to manage your entire SIM portfolio from a central platform.

Freeeway has multiple mobile operator partnerships, and they are all seamlessly integrated with our Connectivity Management Platform. You get a single view on your entire SIM portfolio, harmonized invoices, and unified support across mobile operator boarders when working with Freeeway’s connectivity solutions.

Connectivity costs are a defining factor for every IoT use case. Usually, mobile data consumptions are quite foreseeable depending on the use case. However, you can set automation rules that monitor the monthly data consumption and derive actions in case those are exceeded. Actions may be that you receive a notification, block the SIM card, or even move it to a different tariff. However, you can do way more with our platform to fully automate your connectivity management.

Freeeway also offers additional measures to enhance your security and prevent misuse. For further information you may refer to our security section.

Freeeway tailors price plans to your IoT use case. Depending on our commercial agreement, we set up your specific price plans on our Connectivity Management Platform. In case you have multiple price plans agreed, one is defined as the default one. This default price plan is provisioned to any IoT SIM card that we ship to you. Going forward, you can assign any IoT SIM card with your preferred price plan, either manually or through automation rules.

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IoT Connectivity Management Platform

An IoT Connectivity Management Platform, or CMP, is designed to reduce the operational workload for organizations deploying and scaling their IoT solutions with sensors and devices that use mobile data services. The CMP forms a critical link between your IoT devices, the mobile network and the security of your data transferred.

CMPs are usually supporting multiple of below functions

Provision IoT SIM cards:

the CMP is the place where all SIM cards are provisioned and get certain settings assigned, such as Access Point Names (APN), IP Address, IP Sub-networks in order to function in your IoT devices.

IoT Price Plans:

CMPs are the central point where IoT price plans are created and assigned to your SIM cards. The price plans can have multiple structures from individual run-on-rates, pooled data plans, or data-bundles. The price plans are usually agreed for your particular contract.

Control the mobile session setup:

A CMP is usually connected with the mobile network to obtain access control, authentication and accounting functions. During the access request, the CMP assigns the right IP address to the SIM card during the setup of a data session. In the accounting messages received from the mobile network, the consumed data packets up-/down-stream are metered and charged in respect to the provisioned price plan.

Billing cycle management:

at the end of each billing cycle, the CMP aggregates all consumed mobile data-, SMS- and voice volumes and rates it in order to determine the actual cost to be invoiced. When the billing cycle is closed, the CMP usually creates the invoices for the mobile services. The invoices are either sent directly to customers, or the billing line items are being processed in an ERP system.


the CMP usually provides an dashboard, for you to understand how many data, SMS or voice minutes your fleet of IoT SIM cards consumes in which country. In more detail, a CMP often has a SIM grid view, where you can diagnose and analyze every single IoT connection.

Automation rules:

CMPs offer automation rules to support operational processes. Such rules can be in relation to the amount of mobile data, SMS or voice minutes consumed during a billing cycle. In case certain thresholds are reached and action can be executed, such as sending a notification to an upstream system, block the SIM card to connect for the remainder of the billing cycle, change a price plan, and many more.

The above is just a high level overview on the capabilities a CMP provides to any IoT deployments. Without a CMP, however, it becomes very hard to manage any IoT project, in particular when those scale up over time.

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Everything you need to know about IoT Connectivity

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