Mobile Device Management for Organizations

Easy management of
the IoT Android devices
in your company

Our solution enables you to restrict your devices to key applications and use-cases. In addition to that, you can customize your organization structure directly in the Mobile Device Management tool.

Mobile devices are regarded as one of the best innovations for companies with many connected devices. Virtually all activities can be carried out automatically to all mobile devices owned by the company. 

Let’s be honest, the use of mobile devices has made life easier, enhanced seamless communication, and improved business responsiveness. On the other hand thanks to them anyone can gain unauthorized access to sensitive and personal information. In addition, remotely accessing data and information via the internet on smartphones, tablets and PCs has exposed you and your business to cybercrimes and data loss. It sounds scary – but do not worry, we have a solution for you!

Part of technological advancement is implementing measures to manage and safeguard data and stored information. This is where Mobile Device Management comes into play.  With an excellent MDM platform, IT security experts can access and control all devices connected to the company’s network regardless of the specifications, distance, or operating system.

What makes MDM solution powerful is the fact that you can implement strict access, wipe sensitive data remotely,  enforce data encryption, and update devices – automatically. This way you can keep your company sensitive data protected at all times.


Mobile Device Management Features

MDM Features

Restriction of Access

With the MDM policies, you are able to restrict the user’s access to applications and operations on the device to use-case relevant ones.
MDM - Whitelist Your Apps
MDM Features

Whitelist Your Apps

The MDM enables you to select the company approved applications to spare you the stress of incoming connectivity invoice and the amount of data used via random apps.
MDM - Hierarchy
MDM Features

Mapping the Hierarchy

It is possible to map out the various departments of your company based on groups and subgroups. Create application guidelines and corresponding devices for each level. You are able to define within the group – which applications a group is authorized to use.
MDM Features

Moving Devices

If your employees change their locations or departments within the company, the assigned device does not have to be rolled out from the system. Now you are able to move the device to the appropriate group directly in the MDM.
MDM Features

Roll out Several Companies

You can roll out several companies within one client. You can use the dropdown to select the company in which you want to adjust the devices.
Aerial view of crowd connected by lines
MDM Features

Administration of the Users

Manage your employees in the application’s user administration! Assign roles that are decisive for administration activities. You may also determine the user’s authorization.
MDM Features

Custom Password Policies

Assign your own password guidelines and enforce the user to use those. If someone misuses your device, you could automatically block them.
MDM - Policy Templates
MDM Features

Policy Templates & Cloning

Create your own templates for guidelines. You will be able to select them while creating a group, and they will be used as the default policy in this group. Additionally, it is possible to clone the desired policies by selecting them and adapting the new rules to your needs.
MDM - Audit Log
MDM Features

Audit Log

Allows you to keep track of all the changes happening within the Mobile Device Management software.
MDM Features

Managed Configuration

Now you can configure Managed Configuration enabled Applications Over-the-Air. Sounds complicated? Simply it means that you can e.g. Setup URL Allow/Block lists in Google Chrome.

Additional features

  • Available in English
  • Integrated help & support
  • Authorization management
  • Assign the owners
  • Device search
  • User administration
  • Automated Policy Enforcement
  • Device feedback

What is MDM technology?

Mobile device management technology allows IT, teams, and admins, to control and distribute security policies to mobile devices. It protects from external access to the sensitive corporate data in their organizations and ensures that the corporate network is secure.

This solution enables the admin to secure, track, control, and manage the mobile devices used for their remote work.

Like every product and service out there, there are several MDM software. However, a handful of them are reliable and perform at optimum capacity. One of the trusted MDM solutions is the Freeeway MDM software. The use of MDM software cuts across several industries that include transport, logistics, retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and automotive.

At Freeeway, we pride ourselves as the best in the market. We provide a solution that enables users to restrict their mobile devices only to accommodate relevant utility actions and applications, map out the hierarchical structure in your organization, provide access to devices from one geographical location to another, manage your employee’s tasks, assign roles and supervise the task at hand, determine user’s authorization and assign passwords to authorized users. Additionally, administrators can customize the organization’s structure directly in the Mobile Device Management software.



Freeeway IoT MDM Features

Devices working with Freeeway IoT SIM cards are actionable for MDM software. Below are the MDM features of our IoT SIM cards:

  • Restriction of Access
  • Whitelist Your Apps
  • Mapping the Hierarchy
  • Moving Devices
  • Roll out Several Companies
  • Administration of the Users
  • Custom Password Policies
  • Policy Templates & Cloning
  • Audit Log
  • Managed Configuration

Freeeway IoT SIM cards

To ensure the smooth connection of mobile devices from various ends, there is a need for IoT SIM cards. The IoT SIM cards are also referred to as M2M sims. It is primarily medium and large-scale businesses that use the MDM software, and they mostly require the use of multiple IoT sim cards simultaneously.

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