Mobile Device Management

Protect your IoT devices 

in the field


Always in control of
your remote IoT devices

Increase your device security level and limit users to access only selected application, assign devices to a selected user, customize your password policies and whitelist only your own Apps.


Device Management Features

Whitelist apps

Allow the device to install only approved Apps.

Security policies

Create device security templates and assign those to your devices during staging.

Account hierarchy

Define security levels in line with your organizational structure.

Move devices

Remote manage device ownership and security policies


Enforce device policies based on your account hierarchy, fully automated.

Audit log

Full traceability of any changes populated to your devices.

All devices
in one single dashboard

Enroll your IoT devices, manage your security policies, whitelist your own apps, and define your company account hierarchy.
Everything you need to manage your entire fleet of IoT devices in a single application.


All part of a single suite

We combine IoT connectivity and subscription management in a single platform. Get all the tools to manage your IoT SIMs , enhance customer engagement, drive recurring revenues, and scale your business.

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You should use MDM (Mobile Device Management) whenever your goal is to enhance the security of the device to ensure that the end-user is limited to specific actions, such as installing only approved applications or accessing only certain content pages on the internet.

Devices working with Freeeway IoT SIM cards are actionable for MDM software. Below are the MDM features of our IoT SIM cards:

  • Restriction of access
  • Whitelist your apps
  • Mapping the hierarchy
  • Moving devices between accounts
  • Roll out several companies
  • Administration of the users
  • Custom password policies
  • Policy templates & cloning
  • Audit log
  • Managed configuration

Our MDM solution works with Android enabled IoT devices, tablets and other Android powered devices.

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Mobile Device Management technology

Mobile Device Management, MDM, allows IT departments, teams and administrators, to control and distribute security policies to mobile devices. It protects from external access to the sensitive corporate data in their organizations and ensures that the corporate network is secure.

This solution enables the admin to secure, track, control, and manage the mobile devices used for their remote work.

Like every product and service out there, there are several MDM software. However, a handful of them are reliable and perform at optimum capacity. One of the trusted MDM solutions is the Freeeway MDM software. The use of MDM software cuts across several industries that include transport, logistics, retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, and automotive.

At Freeeway, aim to provide the best MDM tailored for mobile devices in the market. We provide a solution that enables users to restrict their mobile devices only to accommodate relevant utility actions and applications, map out the hierarchical structure in your organization, provide access to devices from one geographical location to another, manage your employee’s tasks, assign roles and supervise the task at hand, determine user’s authorization and assign passwords to authorized users. Additionally, administrators can customize the organization’s structure directly in the Mobile Device Management software.


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