IoT SIM for industry 4.0

The most crucial IoT solutions for industry 4.0

Last Updated: June, 2023

The industrial revolution takes place out of a common need across all verticals. Industry 4.0 is the latest industrial revolution focusing on autonomous operations, connectivity, machine learning, and big data. IoT connectivity is the building block behind these visions of Industry 4.0. This blog covers what Industry 4.0 is and some of its best IoT solutions.

What is Industry 4.0? The role of IoT in Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is the latest technological advancement among industries that emphasizes leveraging technology to empower production and manufacturing. To do so, most sectors empower themselves with cyber-physical solutions, robotic arms, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, machine learning, and computer vision.

Industry 4.0 & IoT

The aim of Industry 4.0 is to create smart factories that can deliver more value with productivity and efficiency. There are several ways IoT connectivity can play a crucial role in Industry 4.0. The most basic interface is between the smart factory machines and the remote user interface.

Through IoT/M2M SIM, machines can communicate and share real-time statistics to the centralized cloud. As such, IoT can allow workers to get real-time monitoring and control over operations. This can lead to countless possibilities to avoid downtimes, optimize consumption, reduce waste, and save significant money.

Freeeway IoT - Industry 4.0 SIM

Top 4 applications of IoT solutions in industry 4.0

There are many different IoT applications in industry 4.0 based on the needs of any particular company. Here are several common and impactful applications of IoT:

  • Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is the key to avoiding downtime or failures during manufacturing and production in industries. Smart sensors for IoT device monitoring can read the state of any particular machine and identify if there’s a need for timely maintenance exercises.

  • Asset tracking and monitoring

Keeping track of valuable machines and equipment for manufacturing houses is important. Some equipment could be quite costly; others can cause loss of function without availability. Asset tracking solutions can optimize the search and findings of objects on-premises for better manufacturing.

  • Smarter electric meters

Smarter electric meters allow business owners and facility administrators to be aware of electric power consumption. These devices can identify the patterns of power consumption to identify any misconduct or dysfunction within the areas of the production unit.

  • M2M communication for easy supply chains

M2M SIM devices can use technologies such as RFID and NFC to communicate with a handful of processes like automated attendance, Warehouse management, and identifying a particular item being searched. M2M communication can also be used to identify access control applications to secure supply chains.

Of course, there are other applications of IoT, such as immersive industrial training, intelligent security solutions, sustainable energy harvesting, supply chain management, and process compliance enforcement. This set of applications can be customized and deployed as per unique needs.

IoT SIM for industry 4.0

At Freeeway, we are on the mission to facilitate technical initiatives of Industry 4.0. We can help you make the most of your Industry 4.0 upgrades through IoT and M2M connectivity. Let’s connect and improve your connectivity solution!