IoT Monetization

Unlock the true
potential of your
IoT business


Turn your smart devices into money makers

Embrace the opportunity to generate recurring revenues with your IoT products & services. With us, your smart devices will not just connect the world but also fuel your business’s growth and success.

Ensure sustained financial success

In vast majority of cases, IoT solutions are monetized through one-time sales of IoT devices.

There are multiple ways to monetize your IoT products and services beyond the IoT hardware. Interested in transitioning to a more sustainable revenue model?


Create recurring revenues with
IoT products & services

IoT enables innovative services such as predictive maintenance that are sold based on subscriptions. We support revenue growth by giving you the tools to define, sell and invoice your subscription plans.  Our system monitors subscription usage and renews them in due time, fully automated.

You will no longer miss out on subscription renewals.

Why is it a big deal?

Increased data usage

The growing need for remote diagnostics, analytics and AI is fueling the exponential growth of mobile data consumption and its related cost.

Customer experience

End-Users are increasingly demanding better after sales service and support.

Efficiency gain

Customer self-service led businesses need to become efficient in their back-office operations.

We ensure your
come back

Drive your customers life cycle returns. A unified customer journey from sourcing IoT connectivity, pricing and selling IoT subscriptions, sign-up of End-Users, to tracking real-time insights for subscription renewals.

Connect & Create

A price plan that supports your IoT business case. Create your subscriptions, for a single IoT device or a tiered group of devices, with low or high mobile data usage.

Install & Ship

Equip your devices with IoT SIM cards during the manufacturing or staging process. Ship the devices to your End-Users whenever you receive an order.

Sign-up & Renew

Offer your subscription plans to End-User and enable them to sign-up for their preferred ones. Start monitoring subscription usage and notify the End-User for upcoming renewals.

IoT Monetization Hub


Combine your value drivers into a single subscription plan.

Built-in KYC

Comply with the legal requirement to validate your customers’ identity.


Single price plans in multiple currencies and VAT.

Payment collection

Automated billing, collection and invoicing.

Automate renewals

Notify your End-Users for upcoming subscription renewals in due time.

API first

Integrate IoT Monetization Hub features with your own applications.

Create subscriptions

IoT solutions often provide value in multiple domains. You should therefore aim to monetize each of your value driver.

We provide you with the tools to implement subscription plans by combining multiple IoT related value drivers, e.g. the IoT device, the SIM card, the mobile data consumption, etc.

Get started now – it is incredibly straight forward.


Automate After Sales

Launching IoT subscription plans often requires manual tasks to book the revenue in due time.

A better way is to get the entire after sales process automated. We introduce billing-, collection- and invoice automation. We also inform your End-User about upcoming subscription renewals in due time.

Always compliant

Afraid of regulations when selling IoT subscriptions?

Our solution ensures that you stay in-line with regulations in particular when adding mobile data as part of your plans.


Sales application

If you are hesitant to build your own webshop, you can use our ready-made Sales Application and start selling your IoT subscriptions with ease.

The Sales App gives you all you need to sign up new customers and promote and sell your subscriptions for your IoT products and services, online.

All part of a single suite

We combine IoT connectivity and subscription management in a single platform. Get all the tools to manage your IoT SIMs , enhance customer engagement, drive recurring revenues, and scale your business.

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All you need to know about IoT Monetization

We outline the drivers why we see subscriptions as the future model to monetize IoT. Based on the IoT Monetization Hub we give examples on IoT subscription plans.


Read more about
IoT Monetization


The IoT Monetization Hub supports credit card payments with Visa and Mastercard as well as PayPal.

Yes, we can integrate your preferred payment provider directly with the IoT Monetization Hub. In case you operate your own Application where you already provide payment services, you integrate the subscription and connectivity management via API’s and fully utilize all capabilities of the IoT Monetization Hub.

When you offer a telecommunication service, it is mandatory to validate the identity of every SIM card holder in most EU countries since 2019.
The respective regulations are very country specific and currently implemented in the following European countries:

Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine

In case you are operating a point of presence, you can verify your customers identity when they are in your shop. When you offer your subscription plans online, Photo-, Video-, and Bank-identity are legal means to validate an End-Users identity.

Yes, in case you are using Freeeway’s IoT Monetization Hub, you can define as many subscription plans as you want. You can operate in the pre-defined set of parameters like tiers, validity terms, limit types – device, sim card, mobile data usage, one-time fees, etc.

The validity term defines until when the subscription can be used from the date of purchase.

You can use any validity term of a subscription, but most commonly are monthly and annual terms. In case you want to e.g. promote the sales of annual subscriptions, you can provide a discount compared to monthly payments of the same subscriptions in the system.

The IoT Monetization Hub is based on a SaaS model, with fixed monthly fee and a revenue share agreement of all payments processed via the platform.

The IoT Monetization Hub can also be used as a stand-alone application, working with your preferred IoT connectivity provider. However, for full service experience, and time to market advantages we would be happy to supply the IoT Monetization Hub together with Freeeway IoT connectivity.

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IoT subscription models

Build your subscription plan that suits best to your IoT products & services.

Monetize mobile data

In case your mobile data consumption is becoming an increased cost-burden, you may aim to re-sell those along with your IoT products & services. You start to create your own mobile data offerings and open a new recurring revenue stream. Beware of regulatory requirements when you start selling mobile data as selling mobile communications services is a regulated business in many markets.

Device as a Service

Today many IoT products are sold as one-time fee for the IoT devices put in service. To generate a recurring revenue stream could mean that you start selling your IoT devices as-a-service, based on monthly or annual subscriptions.

You can include the mobile data as part of your device subscription as combined bundle offer.


Combine multiple value drivers of your IoT products & services in a single subscription model. Those value drivers may include, the device, your support service, an annual on-site visit for system checks, predictive maintenance, mobile data, etc.

Subscription and one-time fees

You may invoice upfront one-time services in combination with your subscriptions. One-time service fees may consider, device configuration and staging, logistics, testing, on-site installation services, etc.

End-to-End Customer Journey

Step #1 – Select your Connectivity solution

We provide the most suitable IoT connectivity solution for your IoT use case.

Step #2 – Define your subscription plans

Create your subscription offer for your End-Users in the IoT Monetization Hub.

End-to-End Customer Journey

Step #3 – Install IoT SIM cards to your devices

During your manufacturing or staging process, the IoT SIM cards or SIM profiles (in case of an eSIM) are installed to your devices. Create the relationship between a unique device identifier and the SIM card ICCID. When the End-User registers a device to buy a subscription plan, this information is used to determine which IoT SIM card is mounted in the device.

Step #4 – Ship IoT devices

Ship devices to your End-Users once an order has been received.

End-to-End Customer Journey

Step #5 – End-user Registers the Device

The End-User must create an Account in the Merchant App of the IoT Monetization Hub and register the device. You may use APIs to include this capability to your own application.

Afterwards, the End-User can select one of the created subscriptions to get going.

Step #6 – Subscription Renewals

The IoT Monetization Hub monitors subscription utilization. This is in relation to the validity period, mobile data included in the plan, the number of devices added, etc.

When the subscription limits are about to be reached, the end-user is being informed about the renewal. Such renewals may be on demand, or automatic.

Upon renewal, the device can continue to utilize mobile communications services.

Should the subscription not renew in time, the IoT Monetization Hub blocks the IoT SIM card for further usage of mobile communications services.


Define your own subscription price plans with IoT Monetization Hub

The primary focus of the IoT Monetization Hub is to enable your subscription business models. The goal is to enable or disable mobile communication services based on the End-User’s payment status.

With the IoT Monetization Hub, subscriptions can be structured based on the following parameters. You may also a combination of multiple parameters as part of a single subscription plan.

Number of devices

Create a subscription plan that considers the number of devices. Setup tiered price plans based on the increasing number of devices assigned.

Number of IoT SIM Cards assigned

Setup tiered price plan based on the amount of SIM cards assigned.

Devices available in the market may have multiple SIM cards mounted. In such cases, you have the flexibility to configure subscriptions based on the number of SIM slots and establish tiers for devices or IoT SIM cards according to your preference.

Included Data Volume

Assign to each subscription the amount of mobile data included. If you have multiple devices with IoT SIM cards assigned to one subscription, those can consume from the data pool associated with this subscription. Based on devices, you can tier the data volume as you like.

Subscription validity

Each subscription is defined with a validity period. You can define monthly, yearly, or custom subscription periods.


In case you want to charge a one-time fee whenever an End-User signs up a subscription plan, you can define those as part of your entire pricing structure.

Automate after sales

Drive superior customer experience and efficiency when managing your entire IoT subscription revenue stream.

Payment Collection

We have pre-integrated payment provider enabling you to promote your IoT products and services efficiently via online channels, without going through the certification process with an acquirer.

Billing and Invoicing

Each successful payment automatically triggers the End-user invoice creation.

Subscription renewals

Each subscription plan you define can have different validity terms. Soon the subscription gets activated, the system starts to monitor the utilization. In case certain thresholds are reached, the system will automatically inform the End-User and she can define on how to proceed, e.g. stop the subscription, renew the subscription through a consecutive payment, or even opt-in for automated subscription renewals.


Including mobile communications services to your subscription pricing strategy requires you to comply with telecom regulations.

Know-Your-Customer, KYC

Consumers and businesses alike that are utilizing telecommunication services in Europe must be legally verified. Since 2019, this obligation became also valid for prepaid SIM card holders, hence, for everyone using a SIM card service. The respective regulations are very country specific and currently implemented in the following European countries:
Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine

The following methods are validated for online ID verification:
- verification via financial institution (= bank identity).
-photo identity.

Another means is verification by presenting the legal document during an online session. Even though that the ID validation is not required in all European countries, Freeeway undertakes this verification by default for all European End-Users registering for a mobile service. We store the reference key for the ID verification, provided by the KYC Partner.

General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

Businesses in Europe must comply with the GDPR. An outline of the GDPR can be found under the following link: Art. 1 GDPR - Subject-matter and objectives -

All End-User related information must be stored in EU and cannot be forwarded to any 3rd party. In this context. All transactions between Freeeway and CMI will be anonymous in terms of End-User data.

License to offer Telecommunications Services

Telecommunication is a regulated business in the EU. Each member state operates its own telecommunication regulation authority. The Austrian Telecommunications Act – TKG 2021 defines the legal frame for operating telecommunication service: TKG 2021 en ( Article 6 defines the notification requirements in order to operate telecommunications services.

Freeeway is a registered MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) with the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR). In this context, Freeeway complies with the legal requirements to sell mobile data services in the EU. The Freeeway registration can be obtained from Freeeway AG | RTR.


The rule of applying VAT in Europe is defined as the origin place of service performance for telecommunication services. The place of service performance is the European country, where the service is provided, hence the Mobile Network Provider’s country of origin.

Collecting Online Payments

In order to collect payments via online channels an Agreement with a Payment Provider and an Acquirer is required. The Acquirer, also referred to as the Acceptance Partner, the authority to accept credit card payments.

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