IoT Monetization solutions for increased revenue

Fully automate your IoT Monetization process and efficiently manage all the steps in the recurring revenue management life cycle. Starting from the comfortable management of IoT subscriptions, all the way to efficiently managing IoT payments: Monetizing IoT products has never been more simple!

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Fully capitalise on your smart, connected IoT products & services

Transform your product led business into an efficient and recurring revenue generating machine.

Fully Automated

Automating your entire Revenue Cycle and putting an end to manual IoT payment processes.

Efficient / Better Reporting

Get your invoice out faster and save up to 80% of your time.

Grow Revenue

Generate more revenue from your IoT Products & Services through subscription and usage-based business models.

Popular Features:

Subscription Management

Providing businesses the flexibility to define any IoT subscription business model. Each model is setup with triggers to automate processes when a limit is reached.

Billing automation

Saving 80% of your time within each billing cycle by automating the process completely. Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets and use your valuable time to work on important tasks.

Payment collection

Payment providers such as Pay-Pal, Visa, Stripe and Klarna can be integrated in the IoT Monetization Hub to manage payment collection within the platform.

Currency support & taxation

Enabling businesses to establish a direct customer or end-user relationship globally by implementing local tax implications in each market. Integrating tax providers which determine the local tax applicable for each transaction.

Data & Analytics

Utilize data to fully understand user and device behaviour. Adapt your strategy accordingly to maximize your revenue and ensure that you get the most out of your IoT devices.

Revenue recognition

Measuring data usage monthly and provide an easy solution to calculate deferred & recognized revenues for your business.


Integrate your CRM and ERP systems (e.g. SAP, Salesforce, Power BI) with the IoT Monetization Hub. Open API’s and webhooks are supported to integrate existing software.

Product Packages


0 receive 10% sales commission**
  • You are aiming to solve your connectivity issue fast, effortless and without any pre-investment.


445 + 2,80% revenue share*
  • You are aiming to sell connectivity services under your own brand and with your own price bundles.


590 + 2,65% revenue share*
  • Build more sophisticated mobile data subscriptions and benefit from selling those as part of your IoT products and services.
Global IoT connectivity
Our Standard Data Plan
Custom Data Plans
Custom Data Plans
Branded SIM
Branded SIM Leaflet
End-User Portal
Enterprise Portal
End-User & Enterprise Portal Custom Domain
Data & Analytics Capabilities
SIM Registration Codes
Subscription Management
Subscription Limit: SIM / Devices
Subscription Limit: Mobile Data Usage
Subscription Cost Overview
Sales Promotions Management
Payment Providers
Standard Payment Provider
Custom Payment Provider
Financial Modules
Currency Support
Single Currency
Multiple Currencies
Multiple Currencies
Invoice Export to Dedicated SFTP Server
Taxation Based on Internal Accounting Groups
Revenue Recognition
API Exposure

Product Packages



receive 10% sales commission**

You are aiming to solve your connectivity issue fast, effortless and without any pre-investment.


445 /month

+ 2,80% reveneue share*

You are aiming to solve your connectivity issue fast, effortless and without any pre-investment.



+ 2,65% revenue share*

You are aiming to solve your connectivity issue fast, effortless and without any pre-investment.

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An IoT monetization process involves securing and generating IoT data from connected devices to generate revenue from IoT-enabled products and services.

Yes, we have many use cases of our customers who successfully monetized their business and get additional revenue from the IoT Subscriptions created – every month. If you want to learn more about it – contact us to get the use case.

With our IoT Monetization Hub you can freely define IoT subscription business models. With this you can generate additional revenue for your business.

In the IoT subscription model, customers pay a monthly fee to access IoT connectivity features with their smart devices. This model generates additional recurring revenues for smart businesses. 

Thanks to our IoT White-Label Solution, you can increase brand recognition and customer loyalty by adding connectivity to your products, under your own brand, without the need to become a telecommunications expert. 

You will be able to charge your device users for mobile data usage on a pre-paid basis. With Freeeways’ White-Label IoT Platform, you get a one-in-the-market opportunity to get additional revenues from selling connectivity to your users with your products and services under your own brand.

  • Branded IoT Portal: With brand colors, logos & custom language options – this will be 100% your portal
  • End-user validation: Identify and validate your end-users in accordance with global telecommunication laws.
  • IoT data Invoicing & Revenue Recognition: Measures data usage monthly to calculate deferred & recognized revenues
  • Analytics & Reporting: To understand your connectivity business better
  • Branded IoT SIM cards & packaging: All customized by us to your needs and preferences – you can use your brand colors, and logo & add additional information in preferred languages.
  • Multiple IoT Tariff Plans: You can create multiple tariff plans for your users: 1 month or 5 years term, it is up to you!
  • Third-Party Integrations: Whichever tool you are using, it is possible to integrate it with our solution
  • Branded Invoices: Each of your customers will receive all invoices with your branding
  • Direct Payment collections: You will be enabled to collect payments directly from
    your end-users
  • IoT SIM production & shipping to your HQ: We will support the whole production and shipping process to your office
  • Pre-integrated with payment providers: VISA, Klarna, PayPal, Invoice

Is your question still not answered? Feel free to contact our support team via

Your question is still not answered? Feel free to contact our support team via

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