ALSO launches new IoT application in cooperation with Freeeway AG

Freeeway AG announces partnership with ALSO Group
Swiss-based leading ICT technology provider ALSO announces the launching of their new end-to-end IoT application: AllThingsTalk Connectivity+.

Last Updated: September, 2023

VIENNA, AUSTRIA. October 7th, 2022. Swiss-based leading ICT technology provider ALSO announces the launching of their new end-to-end IoT application: AllThingsTalk Connectivity+. This unique solution is crafted in cooperation with Freeeway. Making IoT Connectivity service available in the ALSO Cloud Market Place (ACMP) represents a notable milestone for Freeeway, as it showcases their commitment to innovate the IoT industry.

ALSO had the vision to create a single-sourced platform where Managed Service Providers could fully handle and invoice their services in a simple way within the ACMP. By partnering up with Freeeway, ALSO was able to materialize this vision. With this integration, ALSO resellers and customers are able to source IoT Hardware & Software as well as the needed IoT connectivity solution from a single marketplace, making the whole process most efficient.

This project is a new step forward in the market and will have an immense impact on industries that require to integrate connectivity into their systems. Going forward, Freeeway is expanding the service offering on IoT connectivity with Mobile Network Providers that want to sell their IoT products and services within the ALSO Cloud Marketplace.

Regarding the partnership with Freeeway, ALSO’s Director IoT Solutions Stefaan Top said: “Although network operators have successfully deployed LTE-M Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) in the past years, businesses wishing to adopt IoT solutions are confronted with a lack of transparency and manageability when subscribing to such network services. The integration of the Freeeway Connectivity Management Platform and the ALSO Cloud Market Place addresses this market need. Whoever wishes to use IoT connectivity in total transparency and manage all their IoT connectivity needs across borders can now subscribe to AllThingsTalk Connectivity+  through their preferred ALSO Managed Service Partner, even if they wish to start with just one SIM.”

About AllThingsTalk Connectivity+ launching, Freeeway’s CEO Harald Fuchs said: “Freeeway is delighted to make its IoT Connectivity services available in the ALSO Cloud Marketplace. Together we provide ALSO re-seller and customers the tools to manage every single IoT connection through Freeeway’s IoT Subscription Management platform.”

Here at Freeeway, we wish ALSO great success in their expansion!

About Freeeway AG

Freeeway is an Austrian-based and internationally positioned company that provides IoT connectivity with 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE-M, and NB-IoT SIMs along with its Connectivity Management Platform. In cooperation with our international mobile network partners and our in-house developed software, we expand Freeeway’s IoT global coverage with a growing number of national networks, improving the usability of our IoT SIM card management tools. Freeeway also provides a White-label IoT solution, allowing companies across all industries from transportation to retail to succeed in the connected world. Freeeway customers can charge their device users for mobile data usage on a pre-paid basis while increasing brand recognition and customer loyalty under their own brand.

Freeeway’s website:

ALSO – The Technology Provider

ALSO is one of the leading technology providers for the ICT industry currently active in 29 countries in Europe and in a total of 144 countries worldwide. In 2021, net sales of the Swiss-based company, which employs about 4000 people, amounted to 12.4 billion euros. The ALSO ecosystem offers around 120 000 resellers hardware, software and IT services from more than 700 vendors in over 1450 product categories. In the spirit of the circular economy, the company provides all services from provision to refurbishment from a single source. ALSO has three business models: The Supply division comprises the transactional range of hardware and software. The Solutions division supports customers in the development of customized IT solutions and ready-to-use IoT applications. Subscription-based cloud offerings for soft- and hardware as well as platforms for cybersecurity, IoT, virtualization and AI are the focus of the Service area.

For more information, visit: ALSO – The Technology Provider – ALSO Holding AG

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