IoT is among the latest breakthroughs in the technological world, with companies prospecting to use it for the financial sector and thinking of new ways to transform the industry.

The involvement of IoT devices can be a win-win for consumers as well as for financial institutions if done right. In this blog post, we’ll look at current use cases for IoT in finance and how they impact the financial industry.

In which ways is Iot changing the financial sector?

IoT has arrived to help the financial sector in areas ranging from transactions to security. Some of the most prominent IoT use cases in this industry are:

Payments and Purchases

IoT can help simplify payment processes and improve the customers’ shopping experience through a frictionless payment solution. Changes in payment transactions generated by the incorporation of IoT allow the user to make a payment with their phone, wearables, or even with the help of a voice assistant. This transition is becoming apparent in the retail industry, where brands have been providing other means of checkout than in-store terminals. In this way, IoT is allowing next-generation frictionless payments without human interaction or hassles.

Data Acquisition

The possibility to obtain real-time data with the use of IoT connectivity is highly beneficial for the financial sector. Data from smartphones and wearables devices can be used to gain valuable insights such as consumer behavior and market habits. Consumer spending, demographics and other stats can be deduced from the data with the use of Machine Learning to determine market predictions necessary to build a plan to increase efficiency and success.


Bank ATMs are among the key access points for financial transactions. When it comes to securing ATMs, physical security is key. For such a purpose, remote monitoring is essential for any distributed network of ATMs. That means that to enhance the security of ATM installations, one can equip the ATM with sensors to detect suspicious behavior at the physical site. Specific rules can be set up in order to assure the proper configuration that will serve your needs in different scenarios. In case of an emergency or abnormality, it would trigger an alarm to a connected device, which can simply be a mobile application that can operate the ATM, making it possible to solve the issue remotely.

Customer Experience

At the core of it, most use cases of IoT in financial services are also directly or indirectly improving the end customer experience. Managing data, controlling assets, personalized customer support, and accessing remote banking services are some of the ways that customers, and not only financial institutions, can benefit from the irruption of IoT.

IoT in the banking sector also has many other applications, such as digital documents, device-to-device communication, and fraud prevention. 

How is IoT used in the finance industry?

The Internet of Things in financial services can be helpful in a few different areas. Here are several ways in which IoT in financial services can be useful:

  • IoT in the finance sector can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the overall productivity of banking operations.
  • IoT can also play a great role in making finance easy for customers by providing better customer service, reducing fraud, and improving security.
  • For banking and enterprises, IoT can transform traditional operations with a view to robust infrastructure, risk management, and easy asset management.

How does IoT help impact the financial sector?

The finance sector has always been a primary goal for technological innovation. It is one of the most complex industries and can equip modern technology for a great transformation into banking and finance companies. IoT for finance can impact in several ways, as given below:

  • Improve efficiency in the finance sector
  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve security
  • Improve compliance
  • Improve business agility
  • Improve business intelligence

Summary of IoT in Finance

As covered in this article, the potential of IoT in finance is exponential, and it could be used to improve almost every area of the business and eventually enable financial institutions to thrive. At Freeeway, we help banking and financial institutions to make the most of their IoT needs.

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