Need for a global M2M SIM solution for railways

Last Updated: June, 2023

Railways are still among the best choices for public transport, and they will be around for many more decades to come. They are coming back as the most popular choice for people wanting to decrease their carbon footprint and allow them to relax while taking the trip. Therefore, there are always constant upgrades and enhancements among railway companies. The introduction of M2M SIM with global access presents new opportunities to transform the travel experience through railways.

M2M SIM connectivity for the next-generation railway

There are different areas of railway transport where M2M connectivity can add value to passengers and administration. Here are some of the concepts that might transform the railway as we know it:

  • Telematics for railways

M2M communication can help leverage the OBD device of the train to collect and send information about the train’s status. In addition, M2M SIM-based telematics solution can leverage Global Positioning System (GPS) with acceleration sensors to track the train’s movement.

The key here is to leverage a global SIM so a vehicle traveling across the country can be tracked using the IoT connectivity management platform. The administration can always be on top of the real-time situation to address any fault or hold right away. Similarly, passengers can also get an accurate ETA for their trip.

  • Surveillance simplified

CCTV surveillance has been around for a while in public transport. However, M2M solutions can simplify the placement of wireless CCTV cameras without complicating network connectivity. Furthermore, IoT M2M SIM can ensure that real-time streaming is always available and the footage is stored in the cloud for security purposes.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity through travel

Passengers may carry numerous smart devices that require internet connectivity during their travel. IoT connectivity in railways can allow passengers to use the vehicle’s Wi-Fi communication for a better and more productive travel experience.

  • Infotainment solutions

Infotainment refers to solutions that offer information as well as entertainment. This benefit of M2M makes the travel experience more pleasant for commuters. Any traveler can get information about the entire city through the railway itself. It can also enable passengers to enjoy some multimedia leisure.

  • Optimizing train schedules

Delays are often the most painful part of the railway travel experience. These delays can either be avoided, or passengers can be informed with an updated ETA. M2M solution can help with predictive maintenance to prevent any downtime. However, users can get the updated status transparently if any failure occurs.

Impact of M2M SIM connectivity solutions on railway

As shown above, IoT M2M communication can make railways convenient, safer, reliable, and productive. There are many more applications for railway companies to deploy, such as automated doors, online booking/cancelation, route suggestions, fire alerts, etc.

Similarly, M2M SIM can transform the infrastructure counterparts such as the station and trackside for a better travel ecosystem. Railway administration can also benefit heavily from IoT connectivity to keep an easy and complete outlook on every track movement.

The best solution to connect the railway

Lack of global connectivity has been one of the main reasons railway travel has not been “connected.” However, using Freeeway’s global M2M SIM solutions, railways can now be connected to the internet throughout the track. As a result, travel can be more organized, predictable, convenient, and, more importantly, safe!

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