Any IoT solution is an outcome of a set of different technologies, engineering solutions, system integrations, and physical world interfacing. There are many aspects of technological implementations in any consumer or industrial IoT solution.

While the entire set of technologies behind IoT solutions is vast, here we explain IoT-enabling technologies, including what they are and their roles.

Which technologies enable IoT?

The Internet of Things is a domain that covers a range of services to help connect physical devices to the internet. Here is the list of most primary IoT-enabling technologies and their roles in fulfilling your favorite smart devices:

  1. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
    Any IoT solution needs some sort of wireless sensor network to acquiesce physical data and conditions. This sensor network set typically consists of sensors, gateways, and internet connectivity. The role of wireless sensor networks is to capture data from physical systems and transmit it to the internet. In these wireless sensor networks, either sensors connect to the internet through a gateway or they directly access the internet depending on the network infrastructure. Here is a list of some sensors that can comprise a wireless sensor network:
    • Environmental IoT sensors:
      • Temperature sensor, Humidity sensor, Light sensor, pressure sensor
    • Motion detection sensors:
      • Proximity sensors, accelerometer, PIR sensors, Ultrasound sensors
    • Industrial sensors:
      • Vibration sensor, Gyroscope, Pressure sensor, Gas sensor, and Viscosity sensor
  2. Cloud computing
    Cloud computing is the next step of IoT-enabling technologies that follow once the data is sent to the cloud. Cloud computing includes database schema, server configurations, data analysis, big data, and various sets of tools that can bring insights out of collected IoT data. Being among the enabling technologies for IoT, cloud computing typically consists of a user interface application through which users can access and visualize an IoT solution. Such products can be offered as Software-As-A-Service as part of IoT-enabling techniques on the software side.
  3. Network protocols and infrastructure
    Network protocols and infrastructure are unavoidable vital aspects of IoT. Therefore communication technologies are among the key IoT-enabling technologies. Communication technologies such as non-cellular (Zigbee, Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, Radio frequency identification) and cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, NB-IoT) can be the key for such sensor networks to connect and transmit data. Network infrastructure also includes various topologies, data encryptions, data compression, and hardware configurations. These network solutions parameters enable IoT technologies for the internet of things.
  4. Embedded electronics & hardware systems
    Commonly known as an embedded system, device hardware and firmware also play a key role in the functioning of your IoT solutions. There is more to embedded systems than IoT sensors, including a processing unit (microcontroller, microprocessor), edge-processing unit, memory, storage, I/O peripheral devices, actuators, and even a power supply unit.

Overview of Technologies Enabling IoT

While many technologies are enabling any IoT system, it is about identifying the right system architecture for your smart devices. Each application is unique, as does its need for hardware, middleware, and software. Once you evaluate different aspects of the entire application flow, you can get some insights into the critical IoT-enabling technologies you may need for your IoT product.

We have a team of experts that can help you get a grasp of IoT-enabling technologies. If you are still wondering how such technologies can help you perfect your IoT devices, contact us at Freeeway!

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