IoT home automation

IoT home automation

Last Updated: October, 2023

Accessibility, convenience, and efficiency were the three reasons behind the growing interest in IoT home automation. This article focuses on IoT smart home devices and some of the popular IoT home applications.

How can IoT improve your smart home?

IoT in homes refers to making urban homes intelligent by implementing smart devices, IoT sensors, and internet connectivity. Such advancement can help IoT smart homes to provide a better livelihood, comfort, and efficiency. Here are some ways IoT can improve smart homes:

  • Monitoring and controlling of your smart home: Appliances are often turned on to the extent that they can waste power or even lead to potential dangers. Or, sometimes, these appliances are easy to monitor just on your palms through a mobile device. Smart homes based on IoT can allow users to monitor their home activities from anywhere. Allowing them full insight and awareness about their houses and the connected devices’ status. It can help remote control IoT devices within premises or anywhere globally. IoT homes can bring much better accessibility and control to the users.

  • Voice Smart Assistance: Voice-controlled smart home assistance and the most common consumer IoT devices are at the top of your mind when discussing smart homes. Voice-controlled assistants, like Alexa from Amazon or Google Assistant – can act as a gateway to control your home through natural voice instructions. By sourcing the internet, smart voice assistants can help control IoT devices, set reminders, manage your shopping lists, add events to your calendar, and answer questions.

  • Security of your smart home: IoT security is a vast domain on its own. Home security is a common concern for every individual. IoT smart homes can implement security solutions to watch over the door, identify intrusions, call for help, or even just detect trespassing. IoT security can be a game changer, from smart doorbells and smart door locks to AI cameras.

  • Automation of all daily tasks: With the involvement of IoT, human involvement can be diverted to only the important and sophisticated items. With M2M communication and home automation, a user can ensure that the home appliances operate themselves regularly as instructed. From cleaning the floor to turning on the heater, IoT can automate many day-to-day activities. 

IoT solutions for smart home automation

IoT can help smart home automation through a handful of applications. Here is a list of smart home automation activities where IoT solutions can help:

  • IoT energy monitoring: IoT energy monitoring refers to keeping a watch on energy consumption in the home. Homeowners can remotely monitor their energy usage statistics through IoT to identify any redundant consumptions or leaks. They can set different temperatures for the rooms in which their family members sleep and lower them when nobody is home. Through energy monitoring, smart homes can optimize their consumption and costs much more easily.

  • Appliance control with IoT: Controlling appliances with ease and automation is the key concept behind M2M and IoT in homes. One can control devices, including air conditioners, heaters, smart thermostats, coffee makers, a smart irrigation system, or even different smart lights in the house, through an IoT mobile app or voice commands.

  • Smart IoT doorbell: Smart IoT doorbells can use a variety of measures such as motion detection, cameras, microphone, speakers, and biometric devices to identify any visitor. To avoid any security compromise, the IoT device can safely record the visit with timestamps, voice, and visuals to the cloud. 

  • IoT fire detection & control: A fire breaking out in a home can be the worst nightmare for any homeowner. IoT fire detection sensors can detect the presence of any particular gas, initiate control measures, and even automatically call for help to avoid or minimize potential damage.

  • Air quality monitoring: IoT can help assure that the air in our homes is clean and healthy for our loved ones using air quality monitoring. IoT air quality monitoring can detect any harmful toxins in the air in concerning concentrations. Such remote monitoring can help improve users’ health and identify any pollutants.

Smart Home IoT Connectivity 

IoT home automation is a vast domain with many applications, smart devices, and connectivity options. These connected devices are now already a reality as we surround ourselves with IoT-enabled solutions. Freeeway helps companies make the most of their smart devices by providing the right connectivity fit for their needs.