IoT in agriculture – 6 smart farming examples

IoT connected smart farming robot on the green field with plants collected on top of it
IoT is leading the way as the most influential technology in Agritech for the year 2022, ahead of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

Agriculture technology innovations have been pacing up in recent years. The popularity of the term Agritech lately results from the growing smart farming industry. New technological advancements have made farming insightful, rewarding, and easy. Here is how IoT in Agriculture can play a significant role:

How is IoT used in agriculture?

The agriculture industry has many uses for technology like the Internet of Things. IoT is already contributing heavily to the smart agriculture industry. IoT is leading the way as the most influential technology in Agritech for up to the year 2027, ahead of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

Here are some ways how IoT is used in the agriculture sector:

Sensing & monitoring:

IoT can leverage a set of agricultural sensors to record different agricultural parameters that can help farmers better manage their farms.

Insightful farming:

Knowing the details about the soil, livestock, farm territory, available resources, and environmental conditions can give a great advantage to farmers.

Agriculture automation:

The Agritech industry can benefit significantly from the gifts of automation. Manual agriculture is rigorous and can take a toll on workers and farmers, while IoT automation for different farming processes can make the job easy.

Better turnaround: 

Good insight into the soil, the target crop, automated agriculture, and better supply chain management can make smart farming easier for users.

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What are the examples of IoT in agriculture?

Many smart agriculture examples are available in the market, with IoT solutions for each unique smart farming requirement. Here are some examples of IoT technology in agricultural operations.

Crop monitoring:

Crop monitoring is the prime use case for implementing IoT in agriculture. The Agritech industry can use IoT sensors like temperature, humidity, light, pH, and soil moisture. It can result in better yield and output for farmers.

Livestock tracking:

IoT sensors and connected devices can also help keep track of livestock on farms as they can keep a check on their activities and health. Managing livestock through a digital transformation can ease the job of farmers.

IoT irrigation:

IoT solutions for agricultural lands can leverage 5G connectivity on wide fields and manage processes like irrigation in a smart & effective manner. For example, automatic irrigation systems can ensure that crops receive the right water appropriately.

Precision Agriculture with IoT:

Precision agriculture or precision farming is about optimizing farming with the help of exact insights for better planting and harvesting. IoT systems can help record a farm map, soil type, environmental conditions, and other such parameters.

Environmental monitoring:

With real-time monitoring of the environment, farmers can leverage the right weather conditions to their advantage. Knowing the temperature, humidity, and wind can help them predict and mitigate any risks.

IoT Robots in Agriculture:

The integration of IoT with robots in agriculture has led to several benefits. IoT-enabled robots can collect and analyze real-time data on crop growth and soil conditions. This data can be used to optimize irrigation, fertilization, and pest control, resulting in higher crop yields and lower costs. Secondly, IoT-enabled robots can perform repetitive and dangerous tasks, such as harvesting and spraying pesticides, without human intervention. This reduces the risk of injury to farm workers and increases overall efficiency.

IoT-enabled robots can work 24/7, providing round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance, which is essential for large-scale agricultural operations. Additionally, these robots can be remotely controlled and monitored, allowing farmers to manage their operations from anywhere at any time.]

Why is IoT important in agriculture? 

IoT is important in the Agritech to fulfill various goals such as reducing waste, lesser manual efforts, easy overview for farmers, higher volume, and better crop health. IoT in agriculture can enable farmers to offer more to their customers quickly and easily with IoT.

For example, the integration of IoT with robots in agriculture can significantly improve productivity, reduce costs, and promote sustainable farming practices. As the world’s population continues to grow, the demand for food will increase, making it imperative to adopt more efficient and innovative farming methods. IoT-enabled robots in agriculture offer a glimpse into the future of farming, where advanced technology is used to meet the growing demand for food while also promoting sustainable practices that benefit both farmers and the environment.

The growth in wireless connectivity networks, IoT devices, and user interface software has made smart farms a reality. Technological advancements such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence help the agriculture industry deliver productive & healthy output so that the industry can meet the global food demands with minimum loss or overstocking.

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