Smart Airports: The Influence of IoT on Enhanced Asset Tracking

Ever wondered how technology could make airports smarter and our travel experiences smoother? This blog explores the game-changing role of the Internet of Things (IoT) in transforming airport asset tracking, promising an end to the age-old problem of lost luggage.

An air travel consumer report reveals that seven out of every thousand bags handled by airport cargo end up as lost baggage. While this may not seem alarming in the broader context, it becomes a significant challenge for individual travelers who fall into that seven. Addressing this issue is crucial for airport efficiency, and technological advancements, such as IoT, should prioritize solutions for baggage management.

What is IoT asset tracking?

IoT asset tracking involves monitoring assets and objects indoors to precisely determine their positioning within an indoor infrastructure. This solution enhances operational efficiency, mitigating the risk of losing crucial items. Implementing IoT asset tracking enables administrators to oversee the precise location of assets, empowering the workforce with improved situational awareness.

How does IoT asset tracking work?

There are different technological ways to implement IoT asset tracking in an indoor area, such as an airport. Here are some of the prominent concepts that ODMs (original design manufacturers) rely on to add indoor asset tracking for objects.

  • RFID asset tracking 
    RFID asset tracking utilizes radio frequency tags for indoor monitoring, offering scalable IoT asset-tracking solutions with varying frequencies and ranges.
  • BLE beacons for indoor tracking
    Bluetooth beacons determine an object’s location by gauging Bluetooth signal strength in proximity to gateways, using triangulation for accuracy. Though the location algorithm is similar to RFID, Bluetooth tags lack versatile communication ranges and cost-effective disposability.
  • Ultra-wideband (UWB) tags
    Ultra-wideband offers precise, reliable, and robust asset tracking but is more sophisticated and costly for widespread use. It remains beneficial for tracking critical on-premises objects.

These methods are pivotal for triangulating and locating local premises. IoT enhances these asset-tracking solutions by collecting indoor location data through internet gateways, centralizing it on a cloud infrastructure. IoT gateways with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular networks like 5G forward asset-tracking data from various building facility sections.

How to use asset tracking for smart airports?

Asset tracking proves invaluable for large entities like airports, streamlining the management of numerous objects and items that pose a challenge for manual oversight. The following list outlines areas where asset tracking can be beneficial:

  • Passengers’ luggage
    Losing the luggage of passengers can lead to loss of reputation and even several legal repercussions. For such cases, solutions like disposable RFID tags can help track every passenger’s luggage and significantly improve the customer satisfaction rate.
  • Ground support equipment
    Airports use numerous machines and equipment like baggage tugs, catering gear, cleaning tools, barcode scanners, and surveillance equipment. IoT-enabled asset management ensures their availability for on-demand needs, enhancing efficiency in utilization.
  • Special purpose vehicles
    Airports have special-purpose vehicles like push-back tractors, emergency vehicles, transport buses, and patrol vehicles. Manual tracking of their movements is impractical, making IoT solutions a valuable tool for efficient monitoring.
  • Security equipment
    Security is paramount for airport authorities, and employing IoT asset trackers on security equipment and handheld detection devices ensures their appropriate usage, preventing loss or shortages of essential equipment.
  • Airport employees
    Indoor asset tracking addresses the challenge of tracking a widespread workforce in institutions like airports. Utilizing Smart ID cards with RFID/BLE enables effective tracking of employees and authorities, enhancing workforce management.
  • Cargo
    Efficient cargo transport by air is crucial for aviation companies, and mishandling or loss can result in significant monetary damage. IoT asset tracking aids airport authorities in managing cargo handling, ensuring on-time loading/unloading, and preventing theft or loss.

How asset tracking can influence smart airports?

There are several different benefits of having an airport asset management system as given below:

  • Swift resolution for returning lost or stuck baggage to owners
  • Timely preparedness for aircraft takeoff and landing procedures with relevant assistance
  • Cost reduction by preventing loss of underutilized equipment, and sustaining maintenance expenses
  • Enhanced passenger experience through real-time baggage information
  • Centralized management of tracked objects at airports for maintenance, utilization, loss, and additions

Join the IoT revolution of asset tracking at smart airports

After delving into the transformative impact of IoT in smart airports, it’s clear that the future of aviation efficiency lies in advanced technology. At Freeeway AG, we understand the pivotal role of IoT in revolutionizing airport operations. To help your airport join this technological evolution, we are excited to offer our exclusive Free Test IoT SIM cards, tailored to the unique demands of your business. By partnering with us, you’ll not only enhance operational efficiency but also elevate the overall passenger experience. Embrace the IoT revolution and witness a significant transformation in your airport’s asset management with Freeeway AG, just by filling out this form:

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