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Tracking and Telematics applications of M2M solutions

Last Updated: June, 2023

One of the most popular use cases of IoT is tracking. Tracking can be useful for various purposes; for one, you can track a pet, an object, a person, a vehicle, or a fleet of vehicles. Tracking & telematics allow the user to keep track of different moving objects, increase productivity, and mitigate unidentified hurdles.

This blog post will explain how tracking and telematics devices can benefit from M2M SIM solutions.

Challenges of GPS, Telematics, and Tracking devices

While GPS tracking is a popular application which almost every one of us is using in a daily life, many more sophisticated telematics and tracking devices are deployed. Telematics aims to focus on capturing insightful information related to tracked vehicles. Such information capturing can lead to better decision-making and result-oriented advancements.

Telematics can dive deeper than just real-time GPS location as it attempts to find detailed insights about vehicles’ status. It leverages different sensors to see if the vehicle needs maintenance and can identify the driving patterns through route, speed, mileage, and accelerations.

The key challenge with those applications was that tracking shipments and delivery might have to go through different networks. Imagine having a company which uses cargo cars to ship goods between three different countries. When crossing the boarder without network connectivity, or in other words, IoT SIM, telematics and tracking devices can become ineffective. Additionally the data usage will be charged with the high roaming prices, if the tracking device in the car is using the local provider SIM without ability to connect to local networks in different countries. That is why a global IoT SIM gives many opportunities for tracking and telematics devices, here are a few examples:

Benefits of IoT M2M SIM for tracking and telematics

Here is the list of many benefits of leveraging IoT & M2M in tracking and telematics:

  • Real-time and robust connectivity across the globe

With the right M2M/IoT connectivity management platform, telematics and tracking devices can perform without any downtime across different networks. End-to-end logistics can be traced without any hassle.

  • Performance monitoring and management

Telematics and tracking devices based on M2M SIMs allow businesses to monitor their shipment and delivery performance. This can ensure timely delivery and avoid any counterfeit products.

  • Driving behavior analysis and reduced operating costs

The speed of driving, the route is taken, the best mileage, and fuel consumption are a few parameters that allow fleets to perform ideally and minimize operating costs.

  • Visualization of vehicle movements and activities

Visualization through middleware allows organizations to easily track or locate vehicles on a map with mission-critical insights at their fingertips.

  • Cost-effective and compliant fleet management

Through M2M SIM Telematics, one can easily identify if the fleet is fully utilized or if there are any available vehicles. On top of that, it can also ensure that the chain is following relevant compliances.

  • Accurate delivery ETA with reduced vehicle downtime

Through IoT and predictive analytics, sensory IoT devices can identify vehicle conditions and predict maintenance needs. This allows brands to fulfill delivery ETAs using necessary alternate measures when needed.

  • Vehicle onboard diagnosis through IoT

On-board diagnosis allows users to peek into their engine’s status and conditions. IoT connectivity can share those critical statistics through a platform just as they are indicated on a car dashboard.

  • Controlling vehicle routes and geo-fencing

GPS tracking devices make it easy to observe that a particular vehicle is on the right path. Such a solution can alert you immediately if a vehicle is progressing in an unwanted direction while breaking the geo-fencing.

The best IoT fleet management solution

GPS tracking devices with global M2M SIM have been around us for a while. They have been proven to bring us necessary improvement to the business with their performance and usability. We are here for you – leave your contact data below and let Freeeway help you fulfil your M2M SIM needs for telematics and tracking devices.