Using M2M SIM for security, surveillance & monitoring

Last Updated: June, 2023

Security is always a priority for any consumer, business owner, or organization. Whether for the security of goods, possessions, or people, the latest solutions are always accepted by the users. IoT and M2M SIM can help users redefine the level of security, surveillance & monitoring. Here, in this blog post, we will explain how exactly.

How can IoT M2M SIM benefit security, surveillance & monitoring?

Conventional security measures

Conventional security devices without connectivity can only be effective to a certain degree. They can either ring an alarm or send a short SMS alert in case of an emergency. However, the exact details for security, such as camera footage, can always be tempered if it is stored offline. Limited trigger action and lack of live data make offline security solutions seem primitive.

IoT for security transformation

IoT connectivity with a global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIM can take security to the next level. Leveraging the right set of sensors with M2M SIM can identify intrusion accurately using sophisticated algorithms. With IoT, such a security solution can alert through a siren and stream/record the live footage of the intruder. This same footage or recordings can then be forwarded to public administration forces and monitoring companies.

Global M2M SIM cards can ensure that security and surveillance are enforced 24×7 without downtime. The top benefit of IoT is that security solutions can be mobile. A mobile security and monitoring solution can even monitor shipments and packages across borders. Companies can also leverage different sensors to customize their security solutions, such as GPS location tracking, IR detection, etc.

Security camera with smart sim connectivity - IoT solution
Security cameras with IoT connectivity

Different use cases of M2M security solutions

Different surveillance sources across the globe can all be centralized with managed IoT connectivity platforms for various company facilities. M2M SIM offers the possibility of real-time monitoring and surveillance through different networks. These M2M solutions can be a game-changer for organizations and companies’ security measures.

  • M2M access control solutions

Companies or, essentially, research plants need extra safety to protect confidential information and hazardous areas. M2M access control solutions can use near-field communication and IoT to keep track of all authorized entries to cross-check in case of an unwanted event.

  • Asset and employee tracking on the premises

Asset tracking can ensure that costly machines and equipment are always secured in the facility. Similarly, employee tracking can also be used to manage regulations in organizations. For instance, M2M SIM tracking can identify if any employee enters a prohibited hazardous area.

  • Smarter camera surveillance and recording

Traditional camera surveillance would record every single moment of its operation. However, IoT and M2M can change that with the help of different sensors to optimize bandwidth and storage consumption.

Sensors can help identify abnormal movement with heat detection and motion sensors to trigger the CCTV recording. In addition, M2M SIM can directly share that footage with detected events to the cloud and process it for future needs.

Connectivity solution for surveillance and monitoring

Security is one of the most vital verticals where intelligent solutions can create more value by preventing theft or intrusion and saving lives. At Freeeway, we offer the best-in-class IoT M2M SIM connectivity to secure your business against any adversary.