Definition, Real-world Applications & Benefits - Digital Twin Technology

Unlocking the Potential of Digital Twins: Definition, Real-world Applications & Benefits

Last Updated: September, 2023

The growing complexity of research, experimentation, design, manufacturing, and deployment has created a massive demand for efficient technological assistance. One such key solution here is Digital Twin Technology. This blog covers the concept of digital twin technology and how it’s grown to affect the Internet of Things world.

Digital Twin Technology Definition

Imagine having a virtual representation of the physical environment that can help analyze and experiment with real-world scenarios in a digital space. It can help improve efficiencies, find loopholes, explore what-ifs, and assist with more informed decisions. That’s the concept of digital twin technology.

Creating a real-life environment in the digital world is heavily influenced by electronic sensors, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics. The expectation of a digital twin technology is to recreate a system that can be executed, experimented with, monitored, and eventually optimized to improve real-world performance.

How Digital Twin Technology Works?

A virtual representation of a real-world environment is done by gathering a huge set of data through sensors, research, machine logs, human inputs, and filtering. This base of actual data of physical entities is then acquired and analyzed further to judge the performance of the physical solution and mitigate any existing gaps.

The simulation part follows the data sourcing and analysis, where Machine Learning plays a role in testing and verifying the outcomes of any real-world solution. Different applications and experimentation scenarios allow researchers some room to experiment and foresee mistakes. Such continuation of monitoring and predictions can help the digital twins to grow and predict possible outputs of the physical situations.

Examples of Digital Twins – Where are Digital Twins used

Here is a list of examples to understand  what are digital twin technologies and how it is already being used in industries:

  • Imagine being able to strategize, conduct surgeries, and identify gaps in a surgeon’s practices.
  • Likewise, digital twins can help monitor the logistics and supply chains so the transportation industry can manage their routes and improve their effectiveness.
  • In production or manufacturing, digital twin technology can predict executions of real-world situations. The technology can even help designers to validate and eliminate physical prototyping.

Benefits of Using Digital Twin Technology

The benefits of leveraging digital twin technology, among other solutions, include reaching optimum system performance, avoiding downtime, or reducing possible errors in advance. Here are some examples of how digital twin technology helps:

  • The ability to simulate and test changes before they are implemented in the real world. This allows organizations to identify potential problems and optimize their designs, reducing the risk of costly errors and downtime. Additionally, digital twin technology can monitor and analyze physical assets’ performance in real time, providing organizations with valuable insights into how their systems function. This can help companies to identify problems early on and take proactive measures to prevent them from becoming critical issues.
  • It allows organizations to improve collaboration and communication among different teams and stakeholders. By creating a shared digital representation of an asset or process, teams can work together more effectively and make more informed decisions. This can be especially useful for organizations with complex systems or processes across multiple locations.
  • It can help businesses to improve maintenance and reduce costs. By monitoring the condition and performance of physical assets, companies can predict when maintenance is required and schedule it in advance, reducing downtime and increasing the lifespan of the assets.
  • It allows people to understand better and optimize companies’ physical assets and processes, improve collaboration, and reduce costs.

Additionally, it influences:

  • Meeting customer satisfaction through consistency
  • Reevaluating product quality for better success
  • Avoiding surprises down the road with lesser time to market
  • Developing mitigation plans for possible shortcomings
  • Boosting operational efficiency and productivity

What is the Digital Twin Technology in IoT?

Digital twin tech or Digital twin IoT is the talk of the town. Here, we will cover how can a technology like digital twin benefit the IoT domain:

  • The simulation part of the digital twin technology is heavily dominated by remote data acquisition.
  • The wide range of data is sent to cloud storage for data analytics, control, and execution using the internet.
  • The same IoT network can help capture and present virtual simulation results for insights into real-world execution.
  • IoT with digital twin technology can help contextualize and make scalable solutions without shortcomings.

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Digital Twin Technology & Water Waste Management

One of the interesting real-life use cases is how Digital Twin technology can support intelligent wastewater management. The goal is to create a digital replica of the wastewater system. This digital twin gathers information on the assets’ location and status, runs simulations based on various scenarios (like floods, clogged city pipes, etc.), displays key areas for improvement, and uses AI to make predictions and offer optimization suggestions. This leads to a more efficient wastewater network management plan as the digital twin mirrors real-life situations.

IoT Connectivity for the Digital Twin Technology

Digital twin technology takes us further to the coexistence of physical and virtual reality. However, the need for Digital Twin simulations demands internet connectivity, consistency, and other possible IoT Solutions. Contact us now to gain the ideal internet partner for your digital twin technology implementation at Freeeway.