Why do we need M2M SIM for transport & logistics?

Last Updated: June, 2023

Transportation and logistics are vital elements of any industry vertical. Everything that a consumer uses has been delivered through logistics and supply chains. Therefore, any optimization, enhancement, and error correction can positively impact every domain in the environment around us.

Here’s where IoT connectivity comes to mind. First, let us explain why Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIM cards are the future of transportation and logistics.

Current gaps in transportation and logistics industries

Before diving into the benefits of M2M SIM, it is crucial to address the current gaps in transport and logistics. Here are some of the challenges that exist in conventional transport and logistics:

  • Lack of traceability

When transporting a shipment within a country or across borders, it is important to keep track of valuables. Without proper tracking, there is no way to identify accidental occurrences or hurdles. In addition, lack of traceability can consume time and even result in a loss of money.

  • Harsh treatments of shipments

Imagine a shipment of cryotherapy, where it is extremely vital to ensure that the shipment is always under a particular temperature and pressure range and doesn’t suffer any accidental falls. Similarly, there are other cases where shipments can be rendered useless if not treated correctly. Not to mention the colossal amount of money and resources lost.

  • Security compromises

Once shipments are in transport, without monitoring, they might be susceptible to stealth, counterfeiting, or any such misconduct. Without global IoT solutions, there is no way to secure logistics worldwide. In several cases, security compromises can ruin brand identity and create a bad public image. We all know how easy it is to destroy a good company name and how hard it is to rebuild the trust in the brand afterward.

  • Irregulated and inconsistent logging

Manual logging can vary from one warehouse to another. In addition, various logging methods, human errors, lack of centralization, and inconsistent annotations make shipment tracking and verification ineffective. Therefore, it is hard for businesses to keep track of their in-house operations as they use many resources to manage shipments.

All of this sounds bad, but at the same time, we live in a world where technology can help us fix all those issues. How do you ask?

How can M2M SIM solve challenges for transport and logistics?

M2M SIM can facilitate communication between different devices existing within the IoT ecosystem. The exchange through M2M SIM is essentially digital information that either senses or actuates a condition.

Some of the ways M2M SIM can help transport and logistics include:

  • Global connectivity through multiple networks of M2M SIM can allow IoT connectivity management platforms to enforce consistent tracking of shipments beyond borders and oceans. No more miscalculations or mistakes, thanks to one transparent way of tracking.
  • M2M SIMs can not only withstand and monitor the ambient conditions of a shipment (special industrial-grade SIM cards with more read/write cycles, as well as higher/lower temperatures, ranging from -40 up to 85 or 105 degrees Celsius). Still, they can also report it to the people responsible for the cargo. This can allow the administration to take immediate action and save shipments before it’s too late.
  • Through M2M SIMs, businesses can keep track of different shipments on different routes at their fingertip. This significantly saves the resources and efforts to manage cargoes. It can also give the buyers a more transparent view of their purchase and the road they are taking before being delivered.
  • Constant locations and movement tracking with IoT asset tracking can establish a layer of security where there are no blind spots in logistics and transportation.

IoT Solutions for Logistics & Transport

Companies can achieve greater success by diverting their shipment management efforts into production. M2M & IoT allows companies to manage their shipments more efficiently and with minimum effort. At Freeeway, we can help evaluate your needs for a smarter approach to transport and logistics. If you would like to know how Freeeway can help you in the connected world and which solutions would fit your business best, fill out the contact form below, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.